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The Wise Dog Tarot is currently In Production

  • Independently Created

  • 78 cards inspired by the Rider-Waite Smith deck

  • From poodles to pit bulls the Wise Dog offers a wide selection of rescue and purebred pups ready to help you on your journey

  • Limited Quantities

  • Pre-Order to reserve your deck

Art in the making!


The artwork for the Wise Dog Tarot is almost complete. If you love what you see so far and want to make sure you get a copy of the Wise Dog Tarot

 please pre-order as supplies will be limited. 

Picked up the sheets at fedex print- and

Progress Report:

The deck is now 100% complete

Prototype created! 


The Journal and Guidebook are in progress

The payment for the printer has been submitted and as of Sunday July 21st there is ONLY a surplus of 600 decks. 

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